Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Welcome to The US Antarctic Program Clothing Distribution Center, the USAP CDC (simply known as "The CDC").

Every person going to "the ice" (as Antarctica is known) receives their "ECW" (Extreme Cold Weather) gear at the CDC. Standard issue includes boots, a parka, windproof outwear bibs, fleece jacket, windbreaker, gloves/mitts, head wear, goggles, socks and thermal underwear.

There are two types of boots - white bunny boots or blue FDX boot.

White "bunny boots", which include a felt lining and an air pocket bladder (controlled by the valve on the side of the boot). The black version (which I wear in the Arctic) is called a Micky Mouse boot.
The blue FDX boot with it's liner sock and footbed shown
Other standard issue clothing; thermal underwear, gloves and hats

Everyone has to try on their clothing before heading south
You receive two large orange bags to put all your clothing in. It's important to make sure your clothing is comfortable as you'll be spending many hours in it, doing lots of different jobs.

Some of my gear: "Big Red" is the name given to the parka (though everyone has a name tag on the upper pocket), wind pants, bunny boots, socks and hat.

For my friends in the north: Big Red has nothing on "Blue Puffy" (which is the name given to the blue parka I'm wearing n my profile picture).


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