Monday, November 3, 2014

Training Day No. 1

Antarctica presents a unique environment, but one that has many potential hazards. There are many skills required to work and survive down here. Today a number of us spent time in various training sessions, learning about snow mobiles, survival equipment, how to deal with cold weather injuries such as frostbite or identifying the signs of hypothermia. Other aspects of training include operations around helicopters and how to safely travel across sea ice.

Even if you have experience from many field seasons, it's good to take a refresher class. Our training classes had people who have almost never been camping through to Antarctic veterans with more than 20 seasons to their credit

Snowmobile training - looking at the engine and drive system

Practice putting up survival tents before you have to do this in freezing and windy conditions

Familiarize yourself with the emergency stoves

Learning to take apart a stove pump, while others learn how to tie down loads/tents