Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving on Ice

For the non-US readers, Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the US - a time traditionally spent with family and friends over a big meal with turkey as the main dish. It is held on the last Thursday in November. At McMurdo Station the science doesn't stop, but there is a Thanksgiving holiday. Saturday was denoted as a holiday on base, meaning that all non-essential services have the day off. There was a traditional dinner served in waves; we have 900 people on base at the moment and we can't all fit in the Galley at once. Everyone could sign up for Turkey dinner at either 3pm, 5pm or 7pm. The Galley Staff did a wonderful job and we all had a grand dinner with merriment. There was certainly a feeling of camaraderie and festivity across McMurdo. 

The notice board outside the Galley on Thanksgiving Day at McMurdo. "Freezing Man" refers to the after-dinner party.

The big line for the 7pm dinner.  McMurdo is a field work station so few people pack formal clothing, but most made an effort to dress up a bit for dinner.

The Galley Staff put in a good effort to set out a nice dinner - with fresh veges!

Baked goods and dessert

A fun dinner with friends, old and new.