Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Walk to Hut Point

Sunday is the official "rest" day in McMurdo - a simple continental breakfast is served early, but brunch runs from 10am-1pm.  We had a few hours spare in the afternoon, so I met up with a friend from Boulder, Sean Davis, to go for a walk to Hut Point and have a look at Discovery Hut. The hut was erected in 1902 by Robert Falcon Scott's crew during the Discovery Expedition.

Discovery Hut

From the hut we walk up a wind blasted ridge overlooking the sea ice covered Ross Sea. The wind made for a cold and nasty time with reduced visibility, though it felt like a rather apt bit of weather after visiting Scott’s hut.

Sean Davis, ready for the cold and wind

We were lucky enough to see a few seals down by the sea ice, including a mother with her pup. I hope to see some more seals (preferable at closer range and with nicer weather).

A Weddell seal and pup

Weddell Seal pup lazing away the afternoon


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